Get ready for the Sproochentest

Online lessons with a Russian-speaking teacher at your convenience. Preparation for the Sproochentest B1 exam, which is required to obtain Luxembourg citizenship.
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What is the Sproochentest procedure?

Are you planning to take the Luxembourg language test to become a citizen? No issue! We'll assist you in getting ready for this crucial step quickly and easily.
What does Sproochentest include?
What are the language prerequisites? What documents are required to take the exam? How do I register for the test? How should I prepare?
How do I register for testing?
Learn what documents you must prepare in order to apply for testing, how to pay for the test, and how to register for the test.
Get ready for the exam
The following criteria will be used to assess your proficiency:
  • vocabulary;

  • use of basic grammatical structures;

  • fluency, coherence, and clarity;

  • ability to express yourself and interact.

Learn how to describe images
Here are some examples of images that the examiner will ask you to describe:
  • A day in Luxembourg;

  • In class;

  • On the patio of a café;

  • Christmas market;

  • A family celebrating Christmas;

Learn your exam topics
We'll go over exam topics in great detail, breaking them down into numerous questions such as what your favorite color is, when you got your first bicycle, and what movies you like to watch at night. You'll learn to describe people, streets, and nature, as well as tell what someone is wearing and compliment them on their appearance.
Complete the test successfully!
We will go over all of the topics and situations that will occur during the test one more time before the test. I'll do my best to make you feel at ease and confident. The majority of my students pass the exam on their first attempt.
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Why study with me?

In 1998, I relocated to Luxembourg. Since 2015, I've been teaching Luxembourgian. I enjoy and excel at what I do.

You choose your class

At home, work, and on the road. Whichever location is most convenient for you. We'll work together to develop a schedule that is as convenient as possible.
Zoom Meeting
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Personalized approach

I'm all for being efficient, entertaining, and interesting. But the main thing is that you get what you came to me for.
Learn Easy Luxembourgish! 🇱🇺

Talk to one of our assistants to find out when you can sign up for a trial lesson.

By the numbers

I am deeply grateful to our team for enabling 98% of the students to pass the exam, obtain new citizenship and a new home, make friends with their neighbors, and begin speaking the local language.
Our students are extremely diverse. The youngest is 15 years old, and the oldest is 67 years old. They are from various countries. But they all share the decision to live in Luxembourg and learn the Luxembourgish language.
Number of lessons
My time with the student totals an average of fifty hours per week as we work together to get the student speaking and ready for a successful test.
98% of students pass the exam
The Luxembourg language exam will not be difficult if you prepare well. I will help you feel as confident and at ease as possible with your knowledge. The majority of my students pass the test on the first attempt.
87 point average score
Our students pass the exam with high marks on average. The program is designed to train your ears for complex constructions and to teach you how to correctly respond to questions.

What our students say

Over the years, much has been accomplished, and we are proud to have helped all of these people pass the exam.
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Classes in Russian, English and Ukrainian
A unique and proven method
Classes at your convenience
Immersive experience
Individualized guidance for each student.
Duration of 4 months to 2 years.
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Classes for
mini groups
Study with your spouse, girlfriend, or office colleagues.
The duration is dependent on the skill level of the students and the desired class frequency.
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Zoom online classes twice per week for groups of 4 to 8 participants.
From zero to exam passage in fifty lessons (6-8 months).
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Prepping that is quick and effective for those who need to pass the Sproochentest immediately.
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Our team

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Questions and Answers

How long is the class?

Individual sessions last 55 minutes, mini-group classes (up to three people) last 55 minutes, and group sessions (four to eight people) last 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Where do classes take place?

Classes are offered exclusively online via Skype or Zoom. This is the most convenient way to study Luxembourgish from any location on earth.

Will there be homework?

Yes, homework is assigned after each class; it is an integral part of the training.

What teaching materials are utilized?

We study with textbooks published by the National Institute of Languages (INL) "Schwätzt Dir Lëtzebuergesch?" Band A1 and Band A2.

They are widely available in supermarkets, cigarette kiosks, and bookstores.

Why these particular textbooks?

I recommend beginning your study of the Luxembourg language with these books for several reasons:

  1. The grammar information is presented in an approachable manner.
  2. Each chapter of the textbook corresponds to a particular examination topic.
  3. Excellent audio accompaniment and supplemental material
  4. The Sproochentest language exam is administered directly at INL, where the textbooks are also created.
What time of day do classes occur?

Classes are held from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., and we will work with your schedule and preferences to find the most convenient time for you.

Are classes recorded on video?

Yes, you receive a video of your lesson immediately following its conclusion. This is an excellent way to review the material at your leisure.

Is there a free trial lesson?

No, but you can pay for a single class to determine if it suits your needs.

Want more information? Contact us.

We are available weekdays from 09:30 to 18:30 and on weekends from 10:00 to 14:00. Sunday is a holiday.
Contact us online
Monday through Friday, 09:30 to 18:30. Saturday, 10 a.m. to 14:30 p.m. Sunday is a holiday.
Call us
During business hours, you can contact our assistants at any time and they will answer your questions.
Follow us on Instagram
In the account you will find many interesting facts about Luxembourg and the Luxembourgian language.

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